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Driver Bio - Kody Hubred

1.) How did you get your start in racing?

Was born into it, my dad started racing the year I was born. I spent every second I could out in the shop with him, mainly just annoying him I'd guess. I loved going to the track every Saturday to watch him. They did away with the class he ran by the time I was old enough to race, so I saved my tobacco check and bought a 4 banger… been hooked since

2.) How do you acclimate yourself to a new track?

I try to watch some youtube videos, mainly in-car ones. Otherwise we just shoot from the hip! If I'm struggling bad enough, I'll try to get in line behind a faster driver and see where I am losing speed.

3.) What is the biggest difference between the trucks and a late model?

Driving style!!! At least for me, you have to focus on momentum 100% of the time. You don’t have a big motor to bail you out if it doesn’t handle right. Also we’ve learned that our adjustments have to be more aggressive on a truck as well. I have been caught kicking myself for not taking a big enough swing at the set up.

4.) Favorite Track and why?

Oh man, this is tough… I feel like Jefferson is what I should say, so I won't… I love Marshfield, I have no idea why but I just have a blast there.

5.) Favorite driver/ hero in racing?

Favorite driver… I have a few I like to watch for sure. I grew up a big Dale Nottestad fan, as they were always over at my dad's shop when I was a kid.

6.) Why the number 20?

It was my dad’s number, so it just had to be mine… I know, not a real cool story but I always wanted to be #20 for as long as I can remember…the lady on the number, that’s a story for a different time.

7.) What is the toughest part of the Midwest Truck Series?

Getting every single ounce of speed you can get out of it, in late models you won’t have the fastest car…but you can race a car that doesn’t fall off. These trucks don’t really lose a whole lot of speed, so making sure it is as fast as it can possibly be is tough to do in 20 laps of practice.

8.) Biggest thrill in racing?

Winning features. There is nothing like it. If it isn’t exciting to get out in victory lane with some hardware… it’s time to hang it up.

9.) What do you do outside of racing?

I’m usually at a race track if I’m not racing, but the last few years I have gotten back into softball to try to not age like milk and end up out of shape. Otherwise I'm doing something outside, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling… you name it. I can’t sit still very long so I'm always finding something to do!

In the off-season I have to make up for put off date nights with my soon to be wife, Kelsey.

10.) Sponsors and people to thank?

First off I have to thank Joey Pontbriand for letting me drive his truck, it sure has been fun!

Johnson Geometry- Casey and Jeff are always around to bounce ideas off of when going to a place I’ve never been, they’ve helped me beyond measure since I’ve gone to the Late Models/Trucks.

Hougan Farms- Joe and Scott are awesome, I don’t think anyone loves short track racing as much as they do. Definitely would not have been able to run a lot of the races I do without their support!

Reed Racing Enterprise- Dave Sr and Dave Jr started helping me this winter. They have bailed me out of a few pickles already! Can’t beat their service and knowledge!

Mueller’s Sales and Service- That bad ass trailer I got… yeah I got it from thee Brad “JJ” Mueller. Get your next trailer from this dude, you won’t regret it and you’ll have laughs for hours.

Lake Ripley Lanes- what a place for a party, let me tell ya. They allow us to have our yearly fundraiser there, which is huge in getting us rolling for the year! Stop on down and see Toby!

Last but not least I couldn’t do it without Kelsey and my dad. They deal with my crap all summer long and are always there when things need to get done and support me along the way!

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