James Swan Takes Home the Checkered Flag in Midwest Truck Series

James Swan took home the checkered flag in the Glassworks of Wisconsin 30 for the Midwest Truck Series race at Madison. It was Swan’s second career truck win on Wisconsin’s Fastest Half Mile as. the largest field of trucks ever to assemble for a single race at Madison was on hand tonight as twenty-nine truckers came to town. Twenty-eight Midwest Trucks came to the green flag with John Ovadal Jr. and James Swan leading the way. Swan grabbed the early lead with Ovadal Jr. and Todd Kluever second and third. On lap 2 Kluever moved to the inside of Ovadal Jr. to try to take second, but the caution flag would come out one lap later when Mike Corvo spun in turn four. Swan chose to line up on the ou

Marshfeild Motor Speedway Race Results 7/13/19

Qualifying: Levon Van Der Geest Mike Corvo Joe Valento Kevin Knuese James Swan Jeff Waters John Ovadal Jr. Jeremy Lepak Brad Gajewski Jerry Wood AJ Kreager Dave Edwards Dan Calhoun Jerry Brickner Danielle Behn Chester Ace Rock Christiansen Kenny Joosten Ross Christiansen Dan Church Kyle Melton Heat One: Ross Christiansen Rock Christiansen Danielle Behn Kenny Joosten Chester Ace Dan Church Kyle Melton Heat Two: Dave Edwards Jeremy Lepak Jerry Brickner AJ Kreager Brad Gajewski Dan Calhoun Jerry Wood Heat Three: John Ovadal Jr. James Swan Kevin Knuese Joe Valento Levon Van Der Geest Mike Corvo Jeff Waters Feature: Levan Van Der Geest Jeremy Lepak Jon Ovadal Jr. Joe Valento Jerry Brickner Jef

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