Madison Int'l Speedway Race Results 8/16/19

Qualifying: Levon Van Der Geest MIke Corvo Jeff Holtz Kevin Knuese Joe Valento Rusty Hansen Dale Nottestad Rock Christiansen Chester Ace James Swan Dave Edwards Michael Raskovic Jeff Watters Alex Ertmann Jerry Wood Kenny Joosten Jerry Brickner Brandon Riedner Ryan Goldade AJ Kreager Brad Gajewski Rick Corso Vincent Synowicz Heat One: AJ Kreager, Brandon Riedner Ryan Goldade Jerry Brickner Rick Corso Brad Gajewski Heat Two: Alex Ertmann Kenny Joosten Jerry Wood Jeff Watters James Swan Dave Edwards Chester Ace Michael Raskovic Heat Three: Joe Valento Dale Nottestad, Rock Christiansen Jeff Holtz Rusty Hansen MIke Corvo Kevin Knuese Levon Van Der Geest F

There’s No Stopping Levon Van Der Geest

Levon Van Der Geest of Merrill, Wisconsin, won the 30 lap feature for the Midwest Truck Series picking up his first ever win at Madison. Dave Edwards and Chester Ace brought the field to the green flag. Edwards and Ace ran side by side for the lead with Ace taking a slight advantage on the outside with Dale Nottestad grabbing the third spot ahead of Joe Valento. On lap 5 Ace drifted up the track coming out of turn four allowing Edwards to try to get under the leader, but he was unable to make the pass. One lap later it was three wide for the lead coming out of turn four which led to several trucks getting together coming out of turn one, bringing out the caution and sending Valento and Edwar

State Park Speedway Race Results 8/8/19

Qualifying: Levon Van Der Geest Mike Corvo Jerry Brickner John Ovadal Jr. Jason Stark James Swan Kenny Joosten Dave Edwards Chester Ace Joe Valento Kevin Knuese AJ Kreager Rock Christiansen Danielle Behn Tyler Schley Jeff Waters Brandon Riedner Brad Gajewski Dan Calhoun Ross Christiansen Heat One: Brad Gajewski Jeff Watters Danielle Behn Brandon Riedner Tyler Schley Dan Calhoun Heat Two: Kevin Knuese Rock Christiansen Chester Ace Kenny Joosten A.J. Kreager Joe Valento Dave Edwards Heat Three: James Swan Jason Stark Jerry Brickner Levon Van Der Geest John Ovadal Jr. Mike Corvo Feature: James Swan Jerry Brickner Levon Van Der Geest Dave Edwards Brandon Riedner Kenny Joosten Daneille Behn Joe V

James Swan goes two in a row and wins the Van Der Geest Cattle 50 at State Park Speedway

The biggest melee of the night came in the 50-lap Midwest Truck Series feature, a race where Lake Geneva’s James Swan somehow avoided a mess that many couldn’t on his way to victory. Swan was running third on the 35th lap right after a restart when the front row of Kevin Knuese on the inside and Jerry Brickner on the outside made contact and both spun in front of the field between turns three and four. The pile-up that followed saw eight trucks sustain damage running into each other or the wall, with several others spinning to take evasive action. Rock Christiansen, Tyler Schley, Dan Calhoun and Trucks series points leader John Ovadal Jr., received the most damage, with all four towed off an

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