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Marshfield, WI – (June 23, 2018) – Saturday night at Marshfield Motor Speedway, the Midwest Truck Series proved to be one of the best series of racing in the Midwest. With a variance in experience and age, the drivers put on an excellent show in their 40-lap main event.

Leading the field of trucks to the green flag was youngster Parker Retzlaff and Danielle Behn. Retzlaff would edge Behn at the line the first few laps, but it was Behn taking over the helm on lap 3 of 40. Danielle Behn, who calls Marshfield Motor Speedway her home track, has much experience on the wide half-mile paved oval. As Behn continued to hold the lead, it was a fast Kevin Knuese putting some heat on Parker Retzlaff for the runner up position. On lap 7, Knuese made the pass on Reztlaff, and the Waukesha, WI driver set his sights set on a very fast #28 truck. Four laps later, it was Knuese edging Behn at the line for the race lead. However, Danielle Behn wasn’t having nothing to do with that, the young lady driver recaptured the lead on lap 12.

Working his way through the pack and starting to put pressure on Retzlaff for the third position, was that of championship driver James Swan. Swan, who is a threat to win on any size racing surface, was the 2017 Midwest Truck Series champion. On lap 13, Swan made the pass of Retzlaff, and edged his way closer to the #33 Knuese truck. Winning a Midwest Truck Series feature just a few short weeks ago, was that of Wausau, WI hot shoe, Luke Fenhaus. Under the tutorship of Tom Ress, Fenhaus has been nothing short of sensational in the 2018 race season. Fenhaus, who qualified sixth tonight, started in the tenth starting position. By lap 18, he put his popular #4 truck in the runner up position, and two laps later, he made the pass of Danielle Behn for the race lead. James Swan followed Fenhaus past Behn, and now found himself in the second position.

With ten laps to go, and on lap 30, it was Fenhaus continuing to hold off Swan for the race lead. The two trucks looked very similar in speed and cornering. With Kevin Knuese and Danielle Behn holding down the third and fourth place positions respectively, it was Levon VanDerGeest in the fifth position. With five laps remaining, the VanDerGeest truck looked to get really loose, allowing Rhinelander, WI driver Parker Retzlaff the opportunity to recapture the fifth position. With two laps remaining, James Swan was looking to make one more attempt at a fast Fenhaus truck. Entering turn three, the Genoa City, WI driver of Swan, pulled to the outside of Fenhaus, but it was Fenhaus, with good bite off turn four, pulling back to a car length lead at the white flag. Once flagman Geno Eckes presented the checkered flag, it was Luke Fenhaus winning back to back at Marshfield. With Swan and Reagan May capturing podium positions, it was Danielle Behn and Parker Retzlaff rounding out the top five.

It was a popular victory lane for Fenhaus at Marshfield. The young driver thanked his crew chief Tommy Ress, his dad Al, the remainder of the team, and his sponsors. Heat winners tonight were Ross Christiansen and Jerry Wood.

Feature Results

  1. Luke Fenhaus

  2. James Swan

  3. Kevin Knuese

  4. Danielle Behn

  5. Parker Retzlaff

  6. Reagan May (Fast Qualifier)

  7. Levon VanDerGeest

  8. Jerry Wood

  9. Jeff Holtz

  10. Mike Corvo

  11. Rick Corso

  12. Danny Darnell

  13. Dan Calhoun

  14. Rock Christiansen

  15. Ross Christiansen

  16. Kyle Lockington

  17. Kyle Chwala

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