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Mueller Shoots ‘Em Down Takes Outdoor Living by Belgard Duel 2 at Slinger

The Midwest Truck Series returned to action at the Fastest Quarter Mile Oval in the World as a part of the annual Slinger Nationals. A dynamite field of 24 trucks were on hand to compete. Leading the way in 509 More Freakin Power Qualifying was Mike Meyerhofer with a lap of 12.088. With 24 Trucks a last chance race was needed taking the top 4 as well as 2 provisionals. Taking the win in the last chance race was Chester Ace with Ryan Braseth second, Evan Hassler third and Alex Braseth fourth. James Lynch and Kenny Joosten both recieved provisionals advancing them to the Outdoor Living by Belgard 40 lap feature race.

Leading the field to green was Cody Vanderloop and Eugene Gregorich III. The field would be off like an Oklahoma landrush into turn number 1 with the front row staying side by side for the opening laps. Gregorich III would take the early advantage from Vanderloop with Chris Blawat third, Kevin Zielezinski fourth and Aaron Moyer rounding out the top 5. Lap 9 saw Blawat make his way past Vanderloop for second with Gregorich III still out front. Lap 10 would see the first yellow flag of the event fly when Chester Ace and Kevin Berg got together. Gregorich III would get the advantage on the restart over Blawat. Lap 12 would see Moyer get by Blawat for second and Brad JJ Mueller make his way into the fourth spot with Zielezinski in fifth. Lap 15 would see the yellow flag fly again this time for contact between Mueller and Blawat. However, the Midwest Truck Series has the tap out rule which means if any of the trucks involved felt they caused the yellow they can take the blame for it and the other trucks get their spot back while the truck taking the blame will go to the back. In this incident Blawat tapped out therefore Mueller retains his spot. On the restart Gregorich III would get the advantage with Moyer right in striking distance. Lap 17 would see Moyer get by Gregorich III on the outside and take the lead. Lap 19 would see Moyer out front with Mueller getting by for second with Gregorich III third. James Swan would make his way into fourth after starting behind the invert in 14th and Zielezinski still in fifth. Lap 22 would see the yellow come out yet again as Vanderloop came to a stop on the top side of 4. On the restart Mueller would power around Moyer on the outside as the crowd was on their feet. Swan would work his way into third with Zielezinski in fourth and Gregorich III rounding out the top five. Lap 30 would see the final yellow of the event come out as Bryce Miller spun on the backstretch. Mueller would lead the final 10 circuits with Moyer second, Swan third, Zielezinski fourth and Jeff Holtz rounding out the top 5.

Full Results: Click Here

The Midwest Truck Series returns to action on Saturday July 23rd at Wisconsin’s Action Track the Jefferson Speedway. For more information on the Midwest Truck Series check us out on Facebook at Midwest Truck Series or at


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