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Chester Ace Sets the Pace at Madison

Photos Courtesy Jess Reidner

Chester Ace held off Luke Fenhaus and James Swan to win the Seminary Springs 30 for the Midwest Truck Series. It’s was Ace’s eighth career truck win at Madison.

James Swan and Rock Christiansen brought the twenty-one truck field to the green flag. Swan jumped out to the early lead. Dave Edwards moved past Christiansen for second on lap 2 with Mike Corvo and Chester Ace doing the same one lap later. On lap 5 Jerry Wood cracked the top five when he passed Christiansen.

On lap 7 fast timer Chester Ace powered his way past Corvo to move into third. Luke Fenhaus took the fifth position from Wood on lap 8.

Out front Swan was holding off Edwards by a truck length with Ace closing fast. Ace worked his way past Edwards coming out of turn three on lap 15 to take second behind Swan. On lap 17 Ace was right on Swan’s tailgate but unable to make the pass.

The two leaders were breaking away from the field as Ace continued to try everything he could to take the lead. With six laps to go Ace decided to try his luck on the outside with Corvo and Fenhaus joining the mix.

With three laps to go Ace worked to the inside of Swan and took the lead coming out of turn three with Fenhaus working his way to the inside of Swan for second. With one lap to go Fenhaus took the second spot from Swan, but wouldn’t be able to catch Ace who picked up the win.

“It was a tough one out there. We tried to get the lead and finally found the room,” said Ace from victory lane.

Chester Ace set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 18.899 (95.243 mph). Heat race wins went to Danny Darnell, Jeff Holtz, and Dave Edwards.


Feature: (1-10) Chester Ace, Luke Fenhaus, James Swan, Mike Corvo, Dave Edwards, Jerry Wood, Kevin Knuese, Todd Kluever, Reagan May, Parker Retzlaff

(11-21) LeVon Van Der Geest, Kyle Chwala, Rick Corso, Rock Christiansen, Danielle Behn, Ross Christiansen, Kyle Melton, Dan Calhoun, Jeff Holtz, Kyle Lockington, Danny Darnell

Heat One: (1-7) Danny Darnell, Parker Retzlaff, Rick Corso, Danielle Behn, Kyle Melton, Daniel Calhoun, Kyle Lockington

Heat Two: (1-7) Jeff Holtz, Luke Fenhaus, Kyle Chwala, James Swan, Jerry Wood, Ross Christiansen, Rock Christiansen

Heat Three: (1-7) Dave Edwards, Mike Corvo, Todd Kluever, Kevin Knuese, Reagan May, LeVon VanDerGeest, Chester Ace

Qualifying: (1-10) Chester Ace, Todd Kluever, Kevin Knuese, Mike Corvo III, LeVon VanDerGeest, Dave Edwards, Reagan May, James Swan, Rock Christiansen, Jerry Wood

(11-21) Kyle Chwala, Luke Fenhaus, Ross Christiansen, Jeff Holtz, Rick Corso, Parker Retzlaff, Danielle Behn, Danny Darnell, Kyle Lockington, Dan Calhoun, Kyle Melton (DNS)

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