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Todd Kluever Back in Victory Lane at Madison

Photos Courtesy Jess Reidner

The 2001 Madison International Speedway Super Late Model track champion Todd Kluever was back in victory lane tonight as he held off Chester Ace to win the 30 lap feature for the Midwest Truck Series.

Parker Retzlaff and Levon Van Der Geest paced the field of eighteen Midwest Trucks to the green flag. Van Der Geest jumped out to the early advantage with Rick Corso, Todd Kluever, and Chester Ace in the top four.

On lap 4 Corso worked to the inside of Van Der Geest to take the lead. On lap 7 Kluever moved past Van Der Geest for second while Corso was building up a three truck length lead. On lap 10 Luke Fenhaus and Chester Ace were racing side by side for fifth behind Van Der Geest. Ace claimed fourth on lap 12 and focused his vision on Van Der Geest.

Out front Corso and Kluever were checking away from the field as Ace moved into third on lap 15. On lap 18 Kluever looked to the inside of Corso coming out of turn four and took the lead one lap later with Ace passing Corso as well.

Kluever continued his lead with Ace in hot pursuit and closing quickly. With four laps to go, Kluever’s lead was down to a single truck length. But things were about to get interesting very quickly as they approached slower traffic. With two to go the leaders were forced to work their way around lapped traffic with Kluever getting the best of it coming out with a three truck length lead and was able to hold off Ace the rest of the way to pick up the win. Rounding out the top five were Corso, Fenhaus, and Van Der Geest.

“This was a lot of fun. It’s been awhile since we won a race here,” said Kluever.

Chester Ace set quick time with a lap of 19.027 (94.602 mph). Heat wins went to Daniel Calhoun, Dave Edwards, and Mike Corvo.


30 Lap Feature: (1-10) Todd Kluever, Chester Ace, Rick Corso, Luke Fenhaus, Levon Van Der Geest, James Swan, Parker Retzlaff, Kevin Knuese, Jeff Holtz, Mike Corvo

(11-18) Dave Edwards, Kyle Chwala, Jerry Wood, Danielle Behn, Reagan May, Dan Calhoun, Danny Darnell, Kyle Lockington

Heat One: Dan Calhoun, Jerry Wood, Kyle Chwala, Danielle Behn, Danny Darnell, Kyle Lockington

Heat Two: Dave Edwards, Parker Retzlaff, Luke Fenhaus, Jeff Holtz, Reagan May, Levon Van Der Geest

Heat Three: Mike Corvo, James Swan, Rick Corso, Todd Kluever, Kevin Knuese, Chester Ace

Qualifying: (1-10) Chester Ace, Kevin Knuese, James Swan, Todd Kluever, Mike Corvo, Rick Corso, Luke Fenhaus, Levon Van Der Geest, Parker Retzlaff, Jeff Holtz

(11-18) Dave Edwards, Reagan May, Kyle Chwala, Danielle Behn, Jerry Wood, Danny Darnell, Dan Calhoun, Kyle Lockington

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