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E3 Spark Plugs Partners With Midwest Truck Series In 2017

The Midwest Truck Series would like to welcome on board E3 Spark Plugs of Ponte Vedra, FL in becoming a 2017 Marketing Partner with the Midwest Truck Series. E3 was formed to find a better design in spark plug manufacturing, with performance advantages such as increased power, improved fuel efficiency and a reduction in engine emissions.

With decades of experience in spark plug engineering and the automotive aftermarket. 15 years ago E3 decided to do research over the years and came up with the Diamond Fire electrode, as a better way to ignite the fuel-air mixture inside the engine's cylinder, to improve power output.

E3's patented Edge to Edge design is available for all your automotive and gasoline engine needs from racing to automotive spark plugs to snowmobile and your lawn and garden spark plug needs.

In 2015, E3 came out with their complete line of racing and performance spark plugs, with eleven different applications. At the 2016 PRI Show a new line of performance ignition products was introduced, through their E3 Ignition System to accommodate their E3 spark plug applications in racing and high performance motorsports, through their new 6CDI ignition boxes, spark plug wires, performance billet distributors and CD coils. Look for this new product line as it becomes available this spring and summer for your applicable needs.

You can check out their many different spark plug applications and where to purchase E3 Spark Plugs and Ignition Products by visiting their website at and make sure to visit and like their page on Facebook under E3 Spark Plugs.

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